Timber is one of the most-utilised materials in any construction project, including building window frames for countless properties. Numerous reports repeatedly state that timber is one of the most environment-friendly choices when looking at building materials.

Why timber is a great choice for building windows

If you want a top-quality window with a classic and timeless design, using timber as your main material would be highly recommended. Not only will your window look ageless and earthy, but it would also contribute positively to the environment in a huge way.

By using recycled timber for your window construction project, you minimise wastage and allow more trees to stay in place, letting our environment breathe and survive. Using timber materials for your windows also makes your home more environmentally-sustainable and friendly. Without a doubt, there is no reason why you should not choose timber as your main material for your home or property’s window frames.

Timber windows will come in a variety of styles including sliding, double hung, casement, awning and colonial.

windowss outsides from the building recyclers depot
recycled timber windows by the building recyclers depot

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