What Percentage of Timber is Recycled in Australia?

Recycled timber is a great way to save money on your building project. Here at The Building Recyclers, we have a wide range of products that include flooring, roofing, windows and other materials. There are plenty of great reasons why you should choose recycled timber for your project, but it makes sense to learn more about it before you get started so you can be sure it’s the right choice for your needs. 

How Much is Recycled?

Timber recycling is a popular practice in Australia and helps keep many tons of timber out of landfills each year. However, 13 percent of material dumped in landfills is comprised of wood products. By recycling it, you have access to quality building materials that are environmentally friendly at the same time. When you choose recycled timber, you help control carbon dioxide emission, which is good news for your health and your community.

What Can Be Recycled

We offer many kinds of recycled wood that can be used for a variety of building purposes, including floors, framing and roofing. Timber recycling is regulated so that you can be assured of quality products. Items that can be recycled include both soft and hard woods that are disposed of during demolition and renovation, pallets and chipboard products. Disposing of them properly allows other people to use them and can save you money if you need building materials. 

How It’s Recycled

If you visit our lot, you can often find the precise materials you need without any processing or changes made. However, timber is often recycled for other purposes as well. Timber that has not been painted, stained or treated in any other way is often ground up to create wood chips for agricultural and horticultural purposes. Framing, roofing and flooring is often resold and then updated for a new building project. 

Our Products

A trip through our inventory should tell you about the massive selection we have, which can save you money on your building project. Choose from joists, framing, bearers, posts, rafters and trusses. We also offer decking and flooring materials, as well as doors and window frames. We have a wide selection of pine and treated pine as well. Whatever you need, we can help save you money and ensure that your final project is exactly the way you want it. 

If you want to use recycled timber in any of your building or DIY projects, call us at The Building Recyclers today or pay us a visit to find everything you need for your building project.