Weatherboards are versatile wall claddings that help make your home better-equipped to handle onslaughts of rain and other weather patterns. Usually, people apply a coating of oil on weatherboard to make these materials waterproof. Protect your home now with The Building Recyclers Depot’s recycled Cypress Board weatherboard!

Why Cypress Board is a top-quality weatherboard material

If you’re looking for the best wooden weatherboard material, Cypress Board should be one of your top choices. This type of material is one of the few timbers that are naturally-resistant to termite attacks.

Cypress Board also has minimal shrinkage and is resistant to the normal process of decay. Its aesthetic quality is also a highlight that you should not miss! This material has a honey blond colour mixed with dark knots and white saps, with the level of hardness similar to hardwood material! Cypress Board is definitely the ideal weatherboard material for your home.

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