Ways Recycled Timber Saves Your Money and Our Environment

All of us are becoming more conscious of needing to change our lifestyle to improve the environment. Consumers are being more circumspect in their buying decisions and that includes everything from their favourite chocolate bar using fair trade cocoa to houses containing energy-efficient appliances and eco-technology.  We are all also aware of the importance of recycling, but to most that means paper, tins, and glass. There is an unsung hero of recycling and that is timber. Recycled timber is a fantastic material for home projects, garden projects and construction projects. Here at The Recyclers, we want to take some time to sing its praises and here are some ways that recycled timber is great for your wallet and for the environment.

  • Durability And Strength

Old timber will have contracted and expanded at points over the years which results in the wood being completely dried out. This dryness makes it a great material to use because it means that all of the potential warping has already taken place, added to the fact that old wood is denser which means that it will last much longer.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Opting to use timber that has been taken from a former building site means that you aren’t contributing to the process of deforestation that is required for sourcing brand new wood. When you use recycled timber, you have a peace of mind and satisfaction that you are using a sustainable product and not contributing to the decline in the health of the environment. Reclaiming timber also results in less material ending up in landfill which is a major contribution to global pollution.

  • Cost Effective

In most cases, recycled timber is going to cost less that the equivalent amount of brand new timber. This will, of course, depend on things like size, shape, and the history of that particular timber, but on the whole we are comfortable in telling you that you will probably end up spending less of your budget on recycled timber than you would on brand new.

If you are interested in experiencing those benefits of recycled timber, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The Recyclers. We have a huge stock amount ready and waiting to be ordered for your project, so please feel free to contact any of our trained and experienced team members if you have any questions that you need answering. We look forward to being able to help you with your plans.


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