If you are looking for a material that is perfect for heaps of construction projects and applications, our recycled and salvaged timber is the best way to go! We offer a wide range of timber variety, to give our customers a chance to choose the perfect timber for their ideal home. No matter what your project may be, The Building Recyclers Depot will make sure that you get top-quality timber all the time. Add character and depth to your project with our timber selections. With quality recycled timber, you can find the perfect fit for your home in no time.

We have bearers, floor joist, framing timber, beams, posts, rafters, battens and trusses.

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Benefits of Second Hand or Recycled Timber

Second hand timber might be something you’ve never considered using, but here at The Building Recyclers Depot, we love using recycled building materials. Whether you want to build a simple fence or something bigger and more involved, using second hand timber has many benefits that you can take advantage of. Wondering what they are? Keep reading to find out more. 

Lots of Options

When you choose recycled timber, there are many projects you can complete with it. That includes decks, fences, walls and more. We offer a wide variety of pine, treated pine and other woods that you can use for these projects. We carry a wide selection of rafters, posts, beams, framing timber, bearers, floor joists, trusses, battens and rafters, which you can use for lots of purposes. 

It’s Good for the Environment

Choosing recycled timber is a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint and taking steps to protect your community. Not only are you keeping the resources from being made from scratch, but you’re also keeping timber from wasting away in landfills and dumps when it’s in good enough shape to use again. Using recycling products is always an easy way to take care of the world. 

You Can Use Older Woods

Reclaimed timber is often made up of stronger timber from old trees, which means it ranks higher on the Janka hardness scale, ensuring durability for many years to come. On the other hand, virgin woods are often softer because they come from trees that aren’t first generation. IN addition, you may have access to vintage and exotic woods that are regulated and can’t be produced anymore. This ensures a unique look but is also a guilt free way to enjoy a type of timber you might not be able to get anymore in brand new formats.

Desirable Appearance

The vintage and weathered look is trending in a big way right now and using recycled timber is an easy way to achieve the look and may even be more affordable. Using reclaimed timber to build sheds, homes, fences and other structures lends them a unique look that you won’t see anywhere else and leaves you with a finished product that has curb appeal and that you love looking at. Are you interested in using second hand timber for your building project? Call us here at The Building Recyclers Depot and find out about all of the great options we have on hand.

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