Arch bars and lintels are traditionally used to support brickwork around windows, doors and other openings. Like many other steel components used in construction, these can be recycled for other projects.
However, arch bars run the risk of being deteriorated or rusted easily. To ensure only the best, get recycled components from high quality providers.

High quality steel arch bars for construction

Arch bars made of galvanised and stainless steel promises uncompromising quality even after several years of use. As such, you can expect the benefits of high quality steel, including durability of use and ease in installation.
To ensure an even greater investment in the long run, recycled arch bars can be galvanised and treated to prevent the penetration of moisture and further structural damage. With the best choice in recycled components and proper treatment available at The Building Recyclers Depot, you can get cheaper products without risking quality.

steel arch bars from the building recyclers depot

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