Concrete pipes are a necessary part of many building projects. These big watertight pipes can be used for the drainage of surface water and land, for irrigation, and for sewage.
High quality recycled concrete pipes for drainage and irrigation

Deciding on recycled pipes has many benefits. Concrete is the most commonly used building material worldwide, and that translates to a huge amount of waste that can still be utilised. Using recycled pipes helps reduce the world’s concrete waste.
Recycled concrete pipes are also definitely less expensive and more convenient. Lastly, these pipes can promise the same level of quality as newly constructed ones, depending on your source.
We offer a variety of high quality recycled concrete pipes at different sizes, which can suit a range of applications and projects.
– DN375’s @350kg
– DN450 @500kg
– DN525’s @600kg
– DN675’s @1050kg
– DN827’s @12050kg
– Other sizes

concrete pipes from the building recyclers depot
concrete pipes from the building recyclers depot

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