Any homeowner would be proud to have a yard with an incredible landscaping job. They say that your yard says a lot about your character, and most of the time, this can be true. The overall design of your landscaping job, down to the materials you use when landscaping, all contribute to the aesthetic and personality of your yard.

Here at The Building Recyclers Depot, we offer a variety of services and items for landscaping using recycled materials like timber, aluminium, and more. We create high-quality products using these materials, ensuring stability and durability without sacrificing our environment’s integrity!

Our available recycled landscaping product options include:

Treated Pine Sleepers

  • logs
  • slabs
  • posts
  • beams
  • poles up to 6mts


  • sandstone
  • bluestone


  • terracotta
  • cement
  • brick


  • extruded
  • convict sandstocks
  • dry pressed
  • concrete

Concrete blocks

  • hollow
  • solid

Concrete pipes

  • headwalls
  • storm water pits & grates

Precast concrete

  • steps
  • peers

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