How to Incorporate Recycled Material Into Your Home Redesign

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to incorporate second hand building material into your house and your building project. We at are always finding new ways of recycling and upcycle, and our building projects are the most satisfying. To get you started, here are a few of the most commonly used ways of incorporating recycled material into your home redesign. 

Recycled Glass

These days it is all about double and triple glazing, but there are companies that are happy to create double and triple glazed windows with recycled glass. Plus, your house has many uses for glass where recycled glass can help. Not only are your decorative items made of glass, but you may also have internal windows, a glass shower cover, vases, drinking vessels, tables, and much more. There are plenty of ways to incorporate recycled glass into your home. 

Recycled Tile

There are many ways that recycled tile can be used in the home. The most common method is to smash it up into shards and then use it for mosaics and things of that nature. It is also possible to get full tiles that have been removed from other houses. You can use them yourself to tile your kitchen, bathroom, and any other rooms you wish. 

Salvaged Wood and Metal

There are also many ways to use salvaged wood and metal around the home. Some people use it for their roofs, and others install walls with it. Some people use it for decorative items, or simply to reinforce certain structures in their home. There is also a common trend where people fix up salvaged wood and metal to use as flooring material or as internal wall and ceiling material. 

Insulation material 

Another common recycling method is to use recycled materials as insulation. There are companies that specialize in using recycled material to insulate ceilings and walls. Plus, these professional companies make sure that the material is fire retardant to help stop fires spreading. That is why using recycled materials for insulation should be left up to the professionals. 

Final Thoughts

Using second hand building material is not just about saving money. In many cases, using recycled stuff is the most pragmatic method going forwards. Why pay a massive amount extra for something just because it is new. After all, when you have installed it, then it is second hand and no more or less better than the second-hand stuff you find on the market. Check out the other articles on our blog to learn much more.