Palings are fences usually made from pointed pieces of wood or pickets. They are a common sight in residential areas as they surround houses and create boundaries between neighbours. Palings are essential in marking your property and keeping your lot secure.

Palings add value to your home

Aside from boundary marking and security, palings are a great addition to your landscaping project. It can add to the look of your home, especially if it fits the outside décor and the garden’s theme.

What’s great about palings is that you can use recycled hardwood such as timber to construct these. Here at The Building Recyclers Depot, you get all the benefits of palings with a price that is not too heavy on the budget. Since you are using recycled materials, you help benefit the environment as well. This assures that fewer trees are cut and less energy and resources are used for product transport.

fencing hardwood pailings from the building recyclers depot
recyclers wooden pailing fencing

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