Deciding to install fencing in your property is an excellent investment. When designed and installed properly, a fence can boost the protection of your property, increase your feeling of security, and ensure better privacy.

Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of investing in low quality materials in order to save up on money. With recycled timber fencing, you won’t need to sacrifice quality for the right price.

fencing pool from the building recyclers depot
recyclers metal pool fencing

Sturdy timber fencing for the right price

Using recycled timber instead of new wood as the fencing material has several benefits. First, it is definitely more cost-effective. The material naturally costs less, and the preparation of the timber is simpler.
Second, recycled timber has nearly zero moisture content, making it sturdier. It can last longer.
Recycled timber also has the added appeal of having more character and definition. You get all these benefits without having to further damage already barren forests.

gate from the building recyclers depot

– timber, ornamental, sheet metal, farm, pool

fencing colourbond from the building recyclers depot

– post, rails, sheets

wooden fencing from the building recyclers depot

– tubular, arc, mesh, galvanised.

fencing hardwood pailings from the building recyclers depot

– hardwood and treated pine